Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
by Jamie Gorski

Directed by Seth Ghitelman

December 9 – 18, 2022

“A wonderful production” – DC Theater Arts


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This play is a thoughtful retelling of the story of a young girl who wrote a letter to The New York Sun more than 100 years ago asking if Santa Claus exists and the newspaper’s response to her. Virginia’s desire to get answers to her question is what moves this story along as it joyfully reminds the grown-ups in the audience that we might learn a thing or two if we listen to the young voices questioning the world around us more. Keeping the sprit of giving connected to this holiday at its center, this play will touch us all through its focus on our shared humanity.

Virginia O’Hanlon – Maya Emily Hassenplug
Mother O’Hanlon – Julie Zito
Father O’Hanlon – Andy Greenleaf
Samantha O’Hanlon -Talia Brin
Francis Church – Zachary Singer
Wallie Gibson – Mikéla Cuffy
Mary Lou Parker -Harper Ruszkowski
Wendy Parker – Mackenzie Ruszkowski
Hannah Parker – Rachel Brightbill
Martha/Old Christmas Prologue A -Tracye Brewer
Mail Person/Old Christmas Prologue B – Helen Cheng Mao
Old Christmas Prologue C – Lark Jeffers
Old Christmas Prologue D – Emilyn Greenleaf