Current Season

Monologues of Black Authors
Produced and directed by Jacqueline Youm
Saturday, October 17 @ 8pm
Sunday, October 18 @ 2pm
Melvin Smith: “Smile”
Emmanuel Catalan: “America The Beautiful”
Jacqueline Youm: “Flashing Yellow Light”
Marvin Bowser: “They Call Me Plague”
Steve Langley: “Giving back”
Fergie Fergusson-Vaux: “Anthropocene”
Dominique Brown: “Beauty Myth” written by Christine Gomes
Steve Langley: “Plantation Fantasies”
Emmanuel Catalan: “The Needle”
Kanika Savoy: “Wax on or don’t!”
Letha Rremington: “Remember” written by Yvonne Paretzky
Jacqueline Youm: “Skin”

Mainstage Plays
(licensed material with fixed admission price)

Lobby Hero
By Kenneth Lonergan
Directed by Rob Gorman
Virtual performance rights secured. Production run dates: November 13-December 6, 2020

A story that shines a light on the racial bias and sexism inherent in America’s justice and law enforcement systems with a surprising dose of endearing sweetness.

Ada and the Engine
By Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Jon Jon Johnson
Virtual performance rights pending. Production run dates: January 15-February 6, 2021

The struggle between what is expected of and what is possible for women is highlighted in this electrifying story by Lauren Gunderson.

A Doll’s House, Part 2
By Lucas Hnath

Directed by Claire Derriennic
Virtual performance rights pending. Production run dates: April 16-May 8, 2021

Both a kind of deconstruction of Ibsen’s original play and a story that stands ably on its own, this play invites us to ask ourselves how much we think life has changed for the woman at its center, and by extension for women today, when we get to consider what could have, would have, or should have happened in 1879.

She Kills Monsters
By Qui Nguyen

Directed by Julia Rabson Harris
Traditional in-person performance rights secured. Production run dates: July 9–31, 2021

Dungeons & Dragons meets family drama; a story that digs deeply into a world of magic and mystery to find truth and connection despite tragic loss.

Stay tuned for details on additional streaming content to follow, including recordings, one act plays, a one-person series, and much more!