Job Opportunities

Silver Spring Stage currently has an open paid position:

Job Title: Facilities Manager

Pay: $15/hr (paid 20 hrs weekly), variable depending on experience

General Description
The facilities manager reports to the executive director and is responsible for the maintenance, security, and general upkeep of all Silver Spring Stage facilities. This part-time position does not have set hours but is expected to average no more than approximately 20 hours per week. Most of the required work can be done on a flexible schedule, though occasional evening or weekend work may be required.

Role and Responsibilities
Facilities maintenance to include:

  • Developing and maintaining a good working relationship with the building management company and all contractors
  • Conducting weekly elevator inspections
  • Scheduling and overseeing the work of contractors for HVAC, plumbing, electric, housekeeping, elevator, etc. as needed
  • Disposing trash and recycling as needed

Facilities security to include:

  • Inspecting/securing door and cabinet locks on a regular basis
  • Issuing and managing key codes for entering the building
  • Reporting any apparent thefts or misuse of facilities to the executive director and board of directors

General upkeep to include:

  • Developing and maintaining an inventory of Stage property
  • Assisting clients with property loans (e.g., set pieces, furniture, costumes, and props, as needed) and keeping records of all such loans
  • Ensuring that all tools are properly stored and in good working order
  • Procurement of supplies
  • Ensuring that all Stage property that has been used or loaned is returned to the appropriate location
  • Scheduling and overseeing cleanup work in all areas of the Stage facility
  • Regular reporting to the executive director and board of directors regarding the state of the facility

Qualifications and Education Requirements
The successful candidate should be driven, efficient, organized, self-motivated, and have a record of success working independently. The position requires a high degree of honesty and ability to communicate effectively with our clients and contractors. Previous theater experience required; facilities management experience preferred. Some mentorship/training will be available to support the person hired.

Preferred Skills

  • Inventory management
  • Basic knowledge of theater technology
  • Basic carpentry and/or electrical skills

Please send resume and cover letter to if you are interested in this position. We are looking to interview potential candidates during the month of October 2023.