Call for Director Proposals for the 2023 Holiday Show

Silver Spring Stage, a long-standing community theatre located in the Woodmoor/Four Corners area of Silver Spring MD, is seeking proposals from directors to fill the holiday slot for our 2023-24 Season.

We are currently seeking director submissions for a holiday play to fill the December 2023 slot in our upcoming season. While we are always interested in proposals for plays that are consistent with our mission to “present the best in contemporary plays,” the holiday slot invites us to expand our focus to look for shows that offer larger casts that include roles for younger actors.


This Director’s Proposal Process has 2 Parts:
PART 1: DUE APRIL 15, 2023

  • Submit a one-paragraph letter of introduction including the title of the play you would like to direct. Even if you’ve directed here before, our Board of Directors includes new members, some of whom may not know you, personally or professionally.
  • Submit a resume featuring your work as a theatrical director.
  • Please provide answers to Questions for Directorsusing this link to complete the form.
  • Provide phone and email for two to three References. Ideally, these should be people who have worked with you as a director and can speak to your collaboration style, theatrical skill sets, reliability, and insight.

Please make sure your name appears somewhere on each document. Attach all files and send by email to:

If the play and your proposal are a good fit for the Stage, we invite you for an interview.

PART 2: WEEK OF MAY 1, 2023

Interviews will be held by invitation only. Silver Spring Stage hopes to let all applicants know by April 21st whether we wish to schedule an interview. All interviews will be held virtually with members of the Board of Directors during the week of April 30th.

Final Selection: Based on the combination of your vision for the script and interview, the PRC may choose to recommend you to fill the role of director in our 2021-2022 season. Final decisions or offers cannot be made until the Board gives its approval. We will try to let directors know, as we move along, the status of their proposals. Please review the next section, “Some Things You Should Know,” and find the “Questions for the Directors” below.


Facts about Silver Spring Stage and our process:

  • We are a true all-volunteer community theatre. Actors, designers, directors, producers, board members, carpenters, painters, graphic designers and others donate their time, talent, and energy. While we do not pay anyone involved in our productions, we do have a modest production budget to help cover materials and supplies, and have recently included a $300 director stipend for each of our productions.
  • We have a COVID-compliance team in place to support our productions and we update protocols as circumstances require. As of March 1, 2022, Silver Spring Stage requires that patrons and volunteers present a photo ID and show proof of vaccination to enter our building. Masks are currently required for all guests, regardless of vaccination status, but that policy is subject to change and is under review. Guests who are exempt from vaccination (children under 5, people with certain medical conditions preventing vaccination, or those with closely held religious beliefs that prevent vaccination) must provide written proof of exemption and answer several screening questions. Our policies will continue to be updated as circumstances require. Read our full protocols on our website:
  • We have a unique space all our own. Our theater spaces reside in the basement level of the Woodmoor shopping center. We have our own rehearsal rooms, conference room, and shop/storage on site. All interviews, meetings, auditions, rehearsals, and performances will take place either in our space or via our ZOOM account (virtual meetings and rehearsals are an option if needed). Our stage offers black-box style intimacy with brand new seating on two sides. The playing area is set on point like a diamond. (If you think of it as a baseball diamond, the audience sits along the base lines that run to home base. The backstage area follows the lines from first base to second to third base.) Our backstage area is generous but our floor-to-ceiling height is limited by the architecture of the building. We don’t use microphones.
  • All shows must hold open auditions – we don’t “pre-cast” roles. That said, directors are responsible for casting their own shows. If you know someone you want for a role, invite them to audition and cast them if you wish. We ask directors to keep an open mind.

QUESTIONS FOR DIRECTORS (Link to the director questions here.)

Your Name

Title of play

The Script
What’s in this text? Let us know why you are interested in directing this play at Silver Spring Stage. (theme or big idea, not plot summary).

Production challenges
What are the major production challenges the Stage would face producing this play in our space?
How will you, as director, overcome or mitigate these potential issues in production?

Practical and Artistic Concerns
Who else might be joining you on this production, and in what capacity? We recognize you may not want to make promises to other artists too far in advance, but we ask directors to consider who else is interested in working with you on your play. Please identify any individuals likely to join your production team (designers, stage managers, carpenters, dialect coaches, choreographers, etc.). Strong commitments from collaborators are encouraged.

In which production areas will you need the most help recruiting talent? The Stage will pair directors with producers to help assemble final teams. This answer will help the Stage plan the most effective use of our resources.

Will you have special needs or demands of the cast and/or crew beyond those immediately apparent in the script?

Additional Thoughts
What, if any, commitments affect your availability to direct this play in Sept/Oct/Nov of 2022? If you have known or likely conflicts that would impact your engagement with this project, please let us know!

Anything else you’d like us to know about you not covered elsewhere in this list or in your letter/bio/resume?


Submit completed questions to by APRIL 15 2023.