Back of the Throat
by Yussef El Guindi

Directed by Nicholas Bashour

March 11-April 2, 2022

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In this darkly comedic and politically charged play, the audience is invited to examine the balance between freedom and fear, and to question what they would be willing to sacrifice in exchange for feeling safe. With equal doses of intellect and humor, Back of the Throat devolves from a seemingly friendly visit by two government officials into an out-and-out inquisition. The story takes place in the home of Khaled, an Arab-American writer who is being accused of possible ties to terrorists. As the probe continues, and the officials reveal their “evidence,” – including testimonies from witnesses we encounter through flashbacks – are we being shown the truth? Or, rather, are we left with a different appreciation of what euphemisms like “person of interest” seek to obscure? Filtered through the lens of the Arab-American experience, Back of the Throat leaves the audience to question what it really means to be an American.

Content Advisory:
This play addresses racism, racial profiling, and terrorism and includes simulated physical violence and sexual intimacy.


Producer – Jackie Williams

Ramtin Vaziri – Khaled
Lena Winter – Shelly
Briana Cortesiano – Beth
Justin Bigelow – Carl
Drew Cannady – Bartlett
Caroline Adams – Jean
Hamza Elnaggar – Asfoor

Production Team:
Stage Manager – Denise Gilmore
Asst. Stage Manager – Michal Kaufer
Artistic Liaison – Jeff Mikoni
Set Designer/Master Carpenter – Jeffery Asjes
Lighting Designer – Don Slater
Sound Designer – Matthew Datcher
Costume Designer – Sara Collins
Props Designer – Karen Fleming
Intimacy Choreographer – Helen Aberger
Fight Choreographer – Bill Dunbar