by Naya James Sonnad

Directed by Yvonne Paretzky

January 26 – February 11, 2024

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A playful dystopian romp! Come one, come all, to this off-kilter Masterpiece Theater, where your charming Narrator guides you through “Mumm’s Classical Anthology of Abdication: Tales Both Cautionary and Otherwise.”

Behold life in the distant, or perhaps quite near future…where your autonomy is enthusiastically bartered for convenience and “security.” Virtual realities, love lobotomies, and societal reconfigurations await you!

Produced by Seth Ghitelman


Narrator – Maureen Freshour
Valet 1 – Christopher Farrar
Valet 2 – Patrick Cochran
Tommy – John Lynch
Loretta – Emily Isaac
Angela – Juliana Voss
Sofia – Sabrina Bowers
Antonio – Stan Rosen
Giada – Susan Holliday
Mara – Imaan Khan
Joe – Joshua Prescott
Lilo – Katie Warner
Dr. Zadlow – David Gamble
Rick Rarey – Alex Shawn
PA Announcer – Eric Edwards
Conductor (video) – Eric Edwards
Sally (video) – Izzy Miller
Lady in Red – Danielle Taylor
Viola – Maddy Mustin
Mabel – Jenny Gleason
Donna – R. Anne Hull
Blaise – Isaiah Raxsdale
Mr. Brown – Don Lampasone
Gray Lady – Nancy Somers

Assistant Director – Fletcher Lowe
Stage Manager / Assistant Producer – Robert Summers-Berger
Assistant Stage Manager – Arooba Nadeem
Choreographer – Aditi Bhattacharya
Lighting Designer – Don Slater
Costume Designer – Emily Isaac
Scenic Designer – Nancy Linden
Props – Mary Ghitelman
Director of Photography – Leon Swerdel-Rich
Assistant Director of Photography – Don Lampasone
Sound Designer – Fletcher Lowe
Artistic Liaison – Ken Lechter
Composer – Josh Cleveland
Intimacy Choreographer – Helen Aberger