A Black and White Cookie
World Premiere
by Gary Morgenstein

Directed by Jacqueline Youm

October 15-17, 2021

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In the provocative and timely A Black and White Cookie, Harold Wilson, a gruff, conservative African American in his late 60s, finally re-opens his New York City newsstand following the pandemic lockdown. But an exorbitant rent increase forces him to close after 30 years and reluctantly retire to Florida with his niece Carol. Enter Albie Sands, an eccentric 1960s Jewish radical, who persuades Harold to fight the landlord. Overcoming their differences, Harold and Albie form an unlikely yet powerful friendship to confront corporate greed and prejudice.

Melvin Smith
Paul Brewster
Jacqueline Youm
Helen Cheng Mao
Robert Howard
Malane Silver