2023 One-Act Festival

The One Act Festival is Back !!!! The Festival will be smaller than in the past with 5 shows running two weekends, September 22 – October 1.

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Banana Brains by Em German
Directed by Yvonne Paretzky

This 15-minute dark comedy sheds light on what motivates someone to be a crime scene cleaner. The play takes place in the office of Greensboro Aftermath Services, where May Belle Halford is interviewing for a job as a cleaner.

May – Imaan Khan (9/21,9/23, 9/29,10/1), Helen Cheng Mao (9/22, 9/24, 9/30)
Interviewer – Brett Murray


Funeral for the Cat by B.G. Craig
Directed by Vanessa Markowitz

Judy, a widow in her golden years, has invited her daughter and granddaughter to a funeral for her beloved and recently-departed cat. Family conflict ensues as Judy’s vision for the funeral unfolds. This dark comedy features four women and explores themes of grief, family, spirituality, and peeing in your enemy’s shoes.

Judy – Marla Harper
Pamela – Cecily Norman
Madison – Charlotte Richesson
Elizabeth – Emily Ray


A Snowball’s Chance by Jeff Dunne
Directed by Karen Fleming

Amanda and Dave are cleaning out the attic of their childhood house now that their mother has passed, reflecting on fond childhood memories. Amanda discovers, though, that some of her memories are not as accurate as she had believed. This romantic comedy explores nostalgia, family, and the one that got away. Original music composed by Patrick Hughes.

Amanda – Maura Suilebhan
Dave – Matthew Dantas-McCutcheon
Scott – Andrew Greenleaf


i didn’t think you’d be so unhappy by Shara Feit
Directed by Sophia Menconi

Being a woman is hard, and growing up is even harder. Jules and Rebecca’s gig as Bat Mitzvah party motivators takes an unexpected turn when they encounter a Bat Mitzvah girl in crisis while on their break. i didn’t think you’d be so happy explores the anxieties, heartaches, and joys of womanhood, whether you’re 13 or well into your 20s.

Jules – Layla Nabavi
Rebecca – Jenny Oberholtzer
Bat Mitzvah Girl – Zophia Shamapande


Five Grains of Rice by Arindam Ghosh
Directed by Arindam Ghosh

Jayant and Ela are young professionals settled in an Indian metropolis. Jayant is a reputed scientist and Ela works at an NGO. Although professionally poles apart, they share an equal partnership in life and are happily married. Out of the blue Damini, Jayant’s girlfriend from college days, shows up one evening for a friendly chat. As the evening progresses and the three engage in reminiscence with good food and wine, the equilibrium starts to tilt. An offer is made that questions the status quo of each relationship. A decision hangs over the heads of the happy couple, a choice that could alter their lives forever. Will their marriage and its future survive this bizarre intrusion from the past?

Jayant Trivedi – Arindam Ghosh
Ela Trivedi – Shampa Basu
Damini Malhotra – Aditi Bhattacharya


Production Team
Producer – Seth Ghitelman
Stage Manager – Arooba Nadeem
Lighting Designer – Don Slater
Sound Engineer – Rich Frangiamore
Artistic Liaison – Rob Gorman
Judges – Bill Hurlbut, Michael Kharfen, Emma Wesslund
Cover and Poster Art – Leslie Kekuewa