Special Announcement

From Bill Hurlbut, Silver Spring Stage Board Chair–

In the past two weeks we have received more specific information about the sidewalk replacement in front of our building. The news is not good. The sidewalk is directly on top of the ceiling that runs from the far end of the green room through the technology booth and the lobby, including the bathroom, and continuing to the far wall of the Karate Studio rehearsal and storage space. All that ceiling must be rebuilt to bring it up to code.

We are awaiting detailed plans from the engineer, architect, and construction manager, but we already know we must close during this work. Construction will not start until about mid-March 2023 and will take at least three months to complete. During that time, our sprinkler system will also be updated. As anyone who has survived a kitchen remodel knows, construction projects have lives of their own. So, the dates of the construction are only estimates. We hope for the best but are prepared for the worst.

To accommodate the work, we will be shutting down operations in February. We are cancelling Blue Stockings and the TBA slot at the end of the season. It is also unlikely that we will recover in time to do a One-Act Festival. We are looking for an alternative venue where we can present Pride and Prejudice. We are also considering other ways to remain active during this time.

Please join us for one of our next three shows—An Empty Plate in the Café Du Grand Boeuf, which opens next week; Yes, Virginia There Is a Santa Claus; and Men on Boats—before the shutdown begins. We are working with the construction manager to keep our sidewalk open during performances and ensure the safety of our patrons. His team is constructing a walkway from the northern corner of the building to our front door. This should be accessible by the time we open An Empty Plate. You will not be able to reach our door by going through the alley between CVS and Chipotle.

During the shutdown, we will work toward a grand re-opening of Silver Spring Stage. Once we have a schedule for the construction work, we will seek volunteers to help us clear the construction areas and protect our equipment, assets, and house. When the work is done, we will again look for volunteers to help us get up and running again. We are in continuous touch with the project construction manager and will update you as we have useful information to share.

Finally, at this time of year we are normally planning a year-end fundraising campaign. It does not feel like the right thing to do this year. Sometime in the new year, when we have a clear idea of what we need and when, we will launch an appropriate campaign. That said, we always appreciate donations. If you want to support us, click on the button below the picture.

A view of the work area in the Karate Studio storage space looking toward the lobby, the wall on the right has been built to control entry to the area.

COVID-19 Safety
Silver Spring Stage encourages its patrons and volunteers to keep their COVID-19 vaccinations up to date. Given the high vaccination rate in our area and current low levels of COVID-19 transmission, we no longer require audience members to show proof of vaccination. Like other theaters in our area that operate in small spaces with patrons seated close to the actors, we do require all audience members and all non-performing volunteers to wear masks, which have been shown to aid in keeping transmission low in high-occupancy enclosed areas like ours. Actors onstage will be unmasked during the performance. These protocols are consistent with current practice in a majority of live theater venues in the DC area, as documented by Theatre Washington. Silver Spring Stage is proud of its record during the pandemic and thanks you for your continued support in our effort to keep everyone healthy.

Our 55th Season

Circle Mirror Transformation
By Annie Baker

Directed by Rob Gorman
September 16 – October 8, 2022

An Empty Plate in the Café du Grand Boeuf
By Michael Hollinger

Directed by Karen Fleming
November 4 – 20, 2022

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
By Jamie Gorski

Directed by Seth Ghitelman
December 9 – 18, 2022

Men On Boats
By Jaclyn Backhaus

Directed by Erin Bone Steele
January 27 – February 18, 2023

Pride & Prejudice
By Jane Austen, adapted by Christina Calvit

Directed by Madeleine Smith
April 28 – May 20, 2023