About Us

Silver Spring Stage exists in part to provoke conversation and shine a light on stories that might otherwise remain untold. We are a community theatre on a mission to present the best in contemporary theatre that will appeal to the diverse population of the Silver Spring area and attract new audiences and artists.

The Stage, founded in 1968 and incorporated in 1970, seeks out challenging works, bringing our audience a mix of compelling, intellectual, progressive works that offer creative opportunities for actors, directors, and designers. Historically, our organization has been run by volunteers, most of whom are White, and we recognize the need for us to do the work to bring more voices to the conversation about how we make theatre in our community. Our goal is to make our space one that is safe and welcoming to all to enter it. We have articulated our commitment in our Statement of Principles:

  1. We are welcoming and inclusive.
    1. We put people first.
    2. We strive to be a safe space for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, or gender and sexual orientation.
    3. We strive to be anti-racist.
  2. We are dedicated to high-quality, high value theatrical production.
    1. We are a community of volunteer theatre makers.
    2. We serve a diverse community of theatre fans.
  3. We are responsible for all that we say, do, and present to the public.
  4. We are conscientious about the safety or our volunteers and guests.
  5. We are honest and accepting of our limitations.
  6. We actively seek others to join us.
  7. We are responsive to those who reach out to us.
  8. We seek to solve resolve problems in a with healthy, constructive conversations.
  9. We are fiscally responsible.

In most years, Silver Spring Stage produces a season of seven full-length productions plus a one-act festival and a winter holiday show. While some of these activities have been curtailed during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are returning to a full season of shows in the fall of 2022.

Over the years, the Stage has built a reputation for taking risks and pushing boundaries. At the same time, we produce shows that regularly receive top honors and awards.

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General Disclosure

Silver Spring Stage presents entertaining and thought-provoking plays. Certain shows may include mature content or content that is potentially triggering for some audience members. To help you decide whether to attend a particular production, we have created a disclosure system. Production descriptions for each show will include standardized content disclosures. If you have a particular concern, we invite you to email us at contact@ssstage.org and someone will reach out to you with specific assistance.