Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol
by Ken Ludwig and Jack Ludwig

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Directed by Jim Robertson

December 13 – 22, 2019

A clever, joyous retelling of Ebenezer Scrooge’s ordeal with ghosts as an elaborate prank carried off by Tiny Tim (who is now almost a teenager) and his buddy Charlotte, who also happens to be the daughter of Scrooge’s nephew Fred. The audience is in on the fun, while a host of characters from the village lend their talents to help remind Scrooge what kindness means. This familiar story is nicely condensed and filled with enough Christmas magic to delight audiences of all ages.

Scrooge – Andy Greenleaf
Gravedigger – Nick Sampson
Bookseller/Christmas Past – Riley Cruickshank
Puppet Seller – Nessa Amherst
Marley/Pie Seller/ Fred – Peter Orvetti
Tiny Tim – Asher Howell
Mrs. Fezziwig/Stevens – Whitney Perez
Hollyfoot/Christmas Present – Edwina Neely
Bob Cratchit/Mr. Fezziwig – Peter Rouleau
Young Scrooge – Kieran Allan Hadley
Boy – Ian Murray
Charlotte – Anna Uehlein
Caroler/Londoner – Catherine Sauri
Girl on the street – Emilyn Greenleaf
Caroler/Londoner – John Greenleaf
Caroler/Londoner – Michael Greenleaf
Mrs Cratchit – Wendy Drescher
Belle – Dina Howell
Caroler/Londoner – India M. Eddy
Caroler/Londoner – Molly Ross
Caroler/Londoner – Claire Gunther
Caroler/Londoner – Tyler Kelly
Caroler/Londoner – Olivia Waymer
Caroler/Londoner – Samuel Varegas
Caroler/Londoner – Ulysses Howell
Emilie – Mia Levings