The Crucible
by Arthur Miller

Directed by Craig Allen Mummey

October 26 – November 17, 2018
Matinees: November 4 and 11 at 2pm

In the Puritan world of Massachusetts in 1692, Abigail Williams and her cohort of girlfriends cover a multitude of their own sins by playing with, then being accused of, witchcraft. The action is largely driven by Abigail’s previous affair with the married John Proctor, and John and his wife’s subsequent efforts to retain their good reputation. Like a disease, the accusations of witchcraft and the web of lies spread to include other members of the community and bring down dozens of the best-regarded citizens of Salem as the town is rendered dysfunctional through mass arrests, property grabs, religious-political power-plays, hangings, and fear.

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Producers – Amy Sullivan and Karen Fleming

John Proctor – Joseph Coracle
Elizabeth Proctor – Andrea Spitz
Rev. John Hale – Omar LaTiri
Abigail Williams – Rebecca Cohen
Deputy Governor Danforth – Bill Hurlbut
Rev. Samuel Parris – Tristan Poje
Mary Warren – Sophia Stringer
Judge Hathorne – Alain Norman
Giles Corey – Stuart Rick
Francis Nurse – Carlton Maryott
Rebecca Nurse – Lennie Magida
Thomas Putnam – Joe Mariano
Ann Putnam/Sarah Good – Erin Gallalee
Mercy Lewis – Anna Uehlein
Susanna Walcott – Margo Weill
Betty Parris – Erika Demske
Tituba – Melanie Lawrence
Ezekiel Cheever – Conor Scanlan
John Willard – Kyle Tirak