Monologues of Black Authors

Produced and directed by Jacqueline Youm

Saturday, October 17 8pm
Sunday, October 18 2pm

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Melvin Smith: “Smile”
Emmanuel Catalan: “America The Beautiful”
Jacqueline Youm: “Flashing Yellow Light”
Marvin Bowser: “They Call Me Plague”
Steve Langley: “Giving back”
Fergie Fergusson-Vaux: “Anthropocene”
Dominique Brown: “Beauty Myth” written by Christine Gomes
Steve Langley: “Plantation Fantasies”
Emmanuel Catalan: “The Needle”
Kanika Savoy: “Wax on or don’t!”
Letha Rremington: “Remember” written by Yvonne Paretzky
Jacqueline Youm: “Skin”