Can I Use Silver Spring Stage for My Event?

Yes, we welcome outside organizations and individuals to use our space. Our theater area includes the performing space, roughly 23 x 24 feet, with seating on two sides and a capacity for 109 patrons (plus 10 overflow), as well as a concessions counter with a refrigerator, lobby, and ticket booth. The theater is accessible for mobility-impaired patrons via elevator and has one accessible bathroom in the lobby. Other bathrooms are adjacent to the theatre space.  Since we produce a full season of our own shows, availability is limited to events that are 1-3 days long. Our standard agreement is $500 per day for the space. We also require that you have a Silver Spring Stage technician onsite during your event at a cost of $25 per hour. If you wish to use our ticketing system, we require you to pay for the services of our box office manager at a cost of $25 per hour.
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