Silver Spring Stage is holding auditions for the 2024 One Act Festival!

Auditions will be held at Silver Spring Stage (10145 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD) on Sunday, June 2 from 7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. and Monday, June 3, from 7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. If you are unable to attend auditions in person, please reach out to us at to arrange a video submission. All roles are open and unpaid.

To audition, actors need to sign up HERE to let us know which night they plan to attend. Walk-ups are permitted.

Please note* Auditions will consist of actors performing a 90 second monologue, followed by cold reads from one of the scripts in the festival.

Some notes about auditions:

Actors will need to fill out an audition form and submit a resume and headshot if available. The form may be accessed HERE to print and fill out in advance. Actors will need to note their conflicts throughout the rehearsal process and run of the show, August 2-4 or August 9-11. Rehearsals will be held on both weeknights and weekends, with the schedule and frequency depending on director and cast availability. Tech week will begin either July 27 (for Weekend 1) or August 4 (for Weekend 2).

Performances will be Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Sunday matinees at 2:00 pm. Cast attendance is required at all rehearsals as called by the director unless a conflict has been previously indicated. Cast must be available for all tech and dress rehearsals, and performances.

*** If you have any questions, please email us at ***


Weekend 1 Directors and Plays (performing August 2-4, 2024)

Jasmine Mitchell: “Heard Mentality” by Allison Fradkin [1W, 2 open]

Running Time: Approximately 10 minutes

Ada may be hard-of-hearing, but she certainly isn’t hard-of-fearing how her first date will go. Will Ada’s new hearing aids aid and abet her insecurities? Or will they persuade her to see the versatility of her disability? And if so, will she hear them out?

Peter Orvetti: “The Death of Boson X” by David Malouf [4 people – not gender or age specific]

Running Time: Approximately 15 minutes

A relevant discussion of current AI technology.

Alexis Jefferson: “Tofana Bobana” by Peter Boyer [1W 30s-40s, 2W 20s, 1M 20s]

Running Time: Approximately 20 minutes

A horror spoof in which women flip the script on the stereotypical serial killer.

Caro Dubberly: “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night When” by Bohdan Dowhaluk [2M 30s, 1W 30s, 1 open]

Running Time: Approximately 20 minutes

A film-noir look at the conflict between logic and mystery, reality and any escape from reality, and loyalties and betrayals.

Pauline Griller-Mitchell: “A Close Inncounter” by Anthony Pezzula [1M 20s-30s, 1F 20s-30s, 1F 40s, 1 open]

Running Time: Approximately 20 minutes

A light look at those who espouse conspiracy theories.

Yehuda Goldman: “Case of the Missing Know-It-All” by Mark Saunders [1M, 60s-70, 1W 40s-50s, 2W 20s-30s]

Running Time: Approximately 10 minutes

What happens when an aging Sherlock Holmes, now with a family of his own, is forced into retirement before he is ready? A twist on how one strange family deals with retirement.

Weekend 2 Directors and Plays (performing August 9-11, 2024)

Mercedes Blankenship: “Choices” by James McLindon [2 people – 20s-40s]

Running Time: Approximately 15 Minutes

A debtor burdened by crushing student loans is offered a way out…but is the deal too good to be true?

Noah Silas: “Buzzkill” by Rollin Jewett [2M 20s, 1 open]

Running Time: Approximately 10 minutes

Set in a “coffeeshop” in Amsterdam, this play examines the relative differences between what one may consider a “difficult” life.

Matthew Bannister: “Little Free Library” by Bill Schauman [2M, 2W, open ethnicity]

Running Time: Approximately 15 Minutes

A couple interacts with a Little Free Library that seems to be sending them a message…

Jen Katz: “No Transferable Skils” by Kathleen Roult Marx [1M 30s-50s, 2W any age, 1 open]

Running Time: Approximately 10 minutes

Superman – er, Clark Kent – meets with a career counselor.

Seth Ghitelman: “Snack Machine Blues” by Chuck Smith [3M 2W]

Running Time: about 25 minutes

“Snack Machine Blues” is about the hidden world of a vending machine in a Dallas, TX, rendering plant that is about to close. The characters are snacks in a vending machine. Their company has not restocked the vending machine and slowly each of the remaining snacks is chosen by customers. Some are willing to go down the chute because it is their destiny, but others are not. One by one, each leaves.

Jacqueline Youm: “The Worst Hallmark Christmas Movie Never Made” by Les Abromovitz [1M, 1W – 20s-30s]

Running Time: About 20 minutes

Two novice screenwriters collaborate on a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.

Please e-mail any questions to We look forward to your audition!

Silver Spring Stage is an all-volunteer community theater. All roles are open and unpaid.