Audition Information


Auditions for Silver Spring Stage’s 2019 One-Act Festival will take place on Saturday, June 8 from 2pm-5pm and Sunday, June 9 from 4pm-7pm.  Auditions will be held at Silver Spring Stage in the Woodmoor Shopping Center at 10145 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20145.

Directors will be casting all 14 plays in the Festival through this audition process.  All roles are open, and actors of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexual orientations are encouraged to audition. The characters’ ages range from teens to 60+; approximate ages are indicated below.

Please sign up for an audition appointment at Sign Up Genius. You may also print and fill out the audition form, found HERE, to bring with you. For your audition, you may either deliver a prepared 1 minute monologue or select from some available readings.  Auditions may also include cold readings from the scripts.

The Festival takes place August 15-September 1, with a different program of original plays each weekend.  Please come prepared to list all conflicts between auditions and the end of the Festival.

Silver Spring Stage is an all-volunteer community theater; all roles are unpaid.

Any questions should be directed to

The shows in this year’s festival are:


Sam Feals
by Julia Harris
2 F teens, 5 open
Sam is a teenage girl diving headfirst into a new school year. With the help of her senses of Passion, Wonder, Anxiety, and Peace—personified by other actors—she learns to navigate homework, crushes, and the challenges of growing up.  Light drama.

by Diane Nichols
1 M 40s, 2 F teens-20s, 1 M teens-20s
Young Ed runs away from home to join the Pony Express, despite the pleas of her close friend Frannie. Ed’s plans are threatened when another rider realizes that Ed is a girl, but then a crisis comes along that only she can help resolve.  Drama.
NOTE: If you are auditioning for this show and can attend Sunday, that would be preferable but not mandatory.

The Birthday Gift
by Elizabeth Douglas
1 M 50s, 1 F 50s, 1 F teens-20s
Stephanie meets her parents for dinner to celebrate her 21st birthday, completely unprepared for the surprise that they have planned: they’re starting a new life that doesn’t include room for Stephanie and her siblings.  Comedy.

Last Night at the Arcade
by Kay Ellen Bullard
1 M teens, 1M 40s, 1M 60s
A desperate kid hatches a plan to save a shuttered arcade, only to be dismissed by the elderly owner. After the owner’s son arrives, the three come to understand the challenges facing their generations and the difficult relationships between fathers and sons.  Drama.

The Closet
by Steffi Rubin
2 F 40s
Sisters Caroline and Ruth stare at a closet full of shoes, the final step before they can begin a long-overdue night out. A disagreement about footwear opens the door to long-simmering sibling rivalry, as they struggle to understand and accept each other’s life choices.  Comedy.


Best Friends Forever
by Diana Lee Woody
3 F 20s
Genevieve and Molly use a Ouija board to reach out to their friend Amanda, who passed away in a random accident a year ago. But when they succeed in making contact with her spirit, they don’t expect Amanda to ask them to join her!  Dark Comedy.

Prisoner of Love
by Keith Whalen
1 M 40s, 1 F 40s
Hal wakes up from a nap to find that his wife, Sophie, has handcuffed him to their couch.  With him unable to escape, Sophie forces Hal to answer a series of self-help questions designed to get to the heart of their dysfunctional marriage.  Comedy.

The Rockefeller Special
by Ryan Stevens
5 Open (Rockefeller must be played by actor of color; the remaining roles are flexible but will favor actors other than cisgender Caucasian men.)
A history professor and an ensemble of players interrupt the evening to present an irreverent, no-holds-barred story about a dead rich white man. It’s the definitive recounting of the life of John D. Rockefeller, “an American F—ing Asshole.”  Comedy.

Miss Peddy & Grace
by William Ivor Fowkes
1 F 50s, 1 F 70s+
Miss Peddy is a caretaker to the elderly with a history of manipulating her charges for her own financial gain. But is she prepared to handle Grace, a cunning old woman with a penchant for schemes of her own?   Drama.

The Mysterious Life, And Even More Mysterious Death, Of That Guy Who Lived Below Max And Beth
by Mark Staufenberg
1 F 20s-30s, 1 M 20s-30s, 1 Open
As police comb over the apartment beneath them, Max and Beth try to figure out what happened to their now-deceased neighbor. After Beth sneaks in via the fire escape for a closer look, she and Max become the prime suspects in an absurd crime story.  Comedy.


Yalu River
by Nan Gatewood Satter
1 M 30s, 1 F 30s, possibly 1-2 Open
Zach and Lys are world travelers, trapped in an airport terminal as they wait for their flights. The two pass the time by flirting through stories of great adventures and failed relationships, forging a possible connection in the process.  Comedy.

Help Wanted
by Agyeiwaa Asante
1 Af-Am F 30s, 1 Af-Am M 30s, 1 Middle Eastern F 20s, 1 Open
After Deana’s chronic pain makes it impossible for her and her husband, Prince, to have sex, the two hire Sadira, a college professor who doubles as a sex worker, for help.  The together, the three navigate delicate issues of love, intimacy, and support. Drama.

Gone Fishin’
by Steve Langley
2 Af-Am M 20s, 1 Af-Am M 50s
In the wake of Rodney Dixon’s untimely death, his father and his roommate, Clay, meet at a secluded fishing hole to talk. When Clay reveals that he and Rodney actually were a romantic couple, Mr. Dixon struggles to accept truths about the son he never really understood.  Drama.

The Elimination Round
by Carl L. Williams
2 M 30+, 2 F 30+
A wealthy man hires a contract killer to murder his wife so he can marry his new love, but it turns out that the hitman is open to better offers. The four of them end up in a battle of wits, bribes, and negotiations to determine who wins and who dies.  Comedy.

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