Auditions for She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen

Silver Spring Stage is holding auditions for its filmed production of She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen. The production will be filmed June 26th and made available to watch online between July 9th and July 31st. The show will be directed by Julia Rabson Harris and produced by Alika Codispoti. Email with questions.

NOTE: We are planning to have a mix of virtual and in-person rehearsals, but no in-person performances.

Audition Requirements

  • Fill out the Audition Form. Please submit a headshot or other photo of yourself with the form.
  • Send an audition video consisting of a 1-minute contemporary, comedic monologue and 30-second movement piece (dance, fight choreography, martial art form, tumbling, etc) to any music of your choice to:
  • Audition form and video due April 5th.

For callbacks, we’ll ask you to read scenes and perform fight choreography. We will send you the scenes and a video with the fight choreography ahead of time.

Silver Spring Stage is an all-volunteer community theatre. All Roles are open and unpaid.

Auditions: Video submissions due April 5th.
Virtual callbacks: April 9th-11th between 6:30pm and 10pm
Virtual Rehearsals: April 26th – May 30th
In Person Rehearsals: May 31st – June 18th
Taping: June 26-27
Opening Night: July 9th

About this Production

  • Schedule: This show will be taped at the end of June. An edited version of the performance will be available online from July 9th to July 31st. The first 5 weeks of rehearsal will be done virtually, over video call. The last 3 weeks of rehearsal as well as tech and filming will be done in person at Silver Spring Stage, 10145 Colesville Road in Silver Spring, Maryland. Rehearsals will start at 3 per week and may go up to 5 per week, no more than 4 hours at a time, excluding tech and filming days.
  • Intimacy: This production has implied moments of intimacy. We will have an Intimacy Coordinator choreographing all of those moments.
  • Fighting: All of the characters will be required to perform stage combat. Stage combat experience is a large plus but is not required. We will have a Fight Director choreographing all of the fights.
  • Dance: There is a hip-hop dance battle involving 5 characters (see breakdown). Dancing experience is a plus but not required.
  • Double Casting: 5 roles are double cast (Miles, Narrator, Steve, Vera, and Farrah). See Cast Breakdown). Actors cast in these roles are expected to play multiple other characters including monsters in fight scenes.

Content Warning
Involves homophobia, able-bodied actors portraying disabled characters, fantasy violence, discussions of death of a minor and fatal car crash.

COVID Safety Precautions and Expectations

  • One week before in person rehearsals, actors are required to be tested for covid. Actors may be asked to test after that as in person rehearsals continue.
    Masks are required for everyone for all in person rehearsals. The only time actors will be asked to remove their masks is during dress rehearsal and filming.
  • Actors will be asked to fill out a daily screening before working in person.
  • During the weeks of in person rehearsals, actors are asked to limit their exposure outside of rehearsal as much as possible.
  • Actors will work with the director and stage manager to determine a rehearsal plan that best fits their needs.
  • For more information on Silver Spring Stage’s Covid protocols, click here.

Show Synopsis
Agnes and Tilly were not close siblings. But when Tilly dies in a car crash, Agnes discovers her sister’s homespun D&D module. With the help of Dungeon Master Chuck and a host of magical characters, Agnes embarks on the last adventure Tilly ever created. In the process, Agnes learns about her sister’s friends, Tilly’s sexuality, and herself.

Athens, Ohio 1995 and a D&D fantasy world.

Cast Breakdown (11 Total)
Actors do not need to be the exact ages of the characters. Roles are open to actors of all ethnicities and genders. Actors under 18 will be asked to provide contact information for a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian will need to provide permission for the actor to accept the role.

Tilly – (16/ Woman) A nerdy lesbian who forges a fantasy world for herself and her friends where she can be awesome. Defender of the weak but still vulnerable to her demons (Gabbi and Tina). Agnes’ sister.
Notes: Role involves moments of intimacy with Lillith.

Agnes – (23/ Woman) A conventional high school student turned English teacher. Discovers in adulthood that breaking her childhood mold of normalcy is more freeing and fun than she could believe. Tilly’s sister and Miles’ girlfriend.
Notes: Onstage for almost all of the play. Has moments of intimacy with Miles.

Miles/ Monsters – (Early 20s/ Man) Doesn’t know how to be helpful. Feels the need to protect Agnes and defend his honor but often does the wrong thing. Agnes’ boyfriend.
Notes: Has moments of intimacy with Agnes. Plays various monsters in fight scenes.

Chuck – (Late Teens/ Man) Nerdy b-boy wannabe. A fixture of the D&D community in Athens, Ohio. Always excited to share his passions with others.
Notes: Black and Latino actors encouraged to audition.

Lilith/ Lily – (16-17/ Woman) Lilith is a D&D character; a badass demon queen who loves violence and is very confident in her identity and sexuality. Lily is a closeted high school student who is not confident about her identity or her sexuality. Tilly’s love interest.
Notes: Role involves moments of intimacy with Tilly.

Kaliope/ Kelly – (Teen/ Woman) Kaliope is a D&D character; a dark elf ranger who enjoys her human companions (even if their emotions are a bit much sometimes). Loyal and fierce. Kelly is a high schooler with cerebral palsy who loves D&D (even if it is a bit dorky) and is grateful to Tilly for teaching her how to play. Ronnie’s sister.
Notes: Black actors encouraged to audition.

Orcus/ Ronnie – (Teen/ Man) Orcus is a D&D character; the retired Overlord of the Underworld who would rather watch TV in his La-Z-Boy than fight anybody. Ronnie is a dorky high schooler who can’t express himself fully in the real world so he turns to a fantasy world. Kelly’s brother.
Notes: Black actors encouraged to audition.

Narrator/ Gabbi/ Monsters – (Teen/ Woman) Narrator is a mysterious figure who weaves this tale together. Gabbi Is a cheerleader who bullied Tilly when she was alive for being gay. Evil Gabbi is a succubus who delights in tricking Tillius (Tilly); good cop to Tina’s bad cop.
Notes: Dance and/ or cheerleading experience is a plus. Plays various monsters in fight scenes.

Steve/ Monsters – (Teen/ Man) A nerdy type-A high school student stressing about college. Appears as an NPC in the D&D adventure several times only to be graphically killed off.
Notes: Plays various monsters in fight scenes.

Vera/ Monsters – (20s-30s/ Woman) Vera is a high school guidance counselor and Agnes’ best friend. Though often sarcastic and pushy, Vera usually knows what’s best and isn’t afraid to tell people her opinion.
Notes: Plays various monsters in fight scenes.

Farrah/ Tina/ Monsters – (Teen/ Woman) Farrah is a D&D character; a fairy who is happy, not nice and she will beat the crap out of anyone who says otherwise. Tina is a high school cheerleader who bullied Tilly when she was alive for being gay. Evil Tina is a succubus who delights in tormenting Tillius (Tilly); bad cop to Gabbi’s good cop.
Notes: Dance and/ or cheerleading experience is a plus. Plays various monsters in fight scenes. BIPOC actors encouraged to audition.

Email if you have any questions.

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