COVID-19 Guidance for Our Audiences

Silver Spring Stage is committed to ensuring your peace of mind while attending our performances. To protect the health and safety of artists, volunteers, and patrons we actively monitor developments related to COVID-19 and recommendations from local, state, and CDC officials.

As of August 8, 2021, Silver Spring Stage requires that patrons and volunteers present a photo ID and show proof of vaccination—a physical or digital copy of a vaccination card–at the time of entering the theater. Masks are required for all guests, regardless of vaccination status. Our artists are all vaccinated and wear masks while not on stage.

For A Christmas Story, guests who are under age 18 must show a vaccination card if they have one, if they do not have one, they must answer several screening questions before entering the building. Guests who are exempt from vaccination (children under 5, people with certain medical conditions preventing vaccination, or those with closely held religious beliefs that prevent vaccination) must provide written proof of exemption and answer several screening questions.

Our policies will continue to be updated as circumstances require.

COVID-19 Protocols for Staff and Volunteers

The following protocols aim to ensure that Silver Spring Stage maintains a COVID-free environment for our productions. The protocols are based on the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the health departments of the State of Maryland and Montgomery County. They were prepared by a team including members of our board, public health and mental health specialists, and a certified Covid-19 Compliance Officer. For the sake of all our artists and volunteers we ask that you aid in the enforcement of these protocols.

● For activities with a producer, the producer will control access to the building. If you are engaged in an activity that does not have a producer, please send an email with the same information to: This information will be kept on the production calendar for the show and reviewed by members of our COVID team.
● Everyone entering the building is required to sign in at the table under the bulletin board just inside the fire doors at the rear entrance.
● No more than 24 hours before entry, all those who will be in the building must submit a completed screening form: Silver Spring Stage COVID-19 Screening Form
● You are not be allowed to enter the building if you have not completed the form, if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within two weeks, if you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or if you are required to be under quarantine (for example, if you are awaiting test results).
● Persons who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home and notify the stage manager as soon as possible.
● Silver Spring Stage no longer has an occupancy limit on any room in the building. (Effective 8/9/21)

● You will be required to attend a brief orientation training on COVID-19 and these protocols prior to the first time you will use the theatre space.
● All persons entering the building must be wearing a mask unless you are the only one in the building or you are related to or in a pod with the person you accompany (Effective 8/9/21)
● It is not necessary to keep a physical distance from other people. (Update effective 5/25/21)
● There are no restrictions on eating or drinking. (Update effective 5/25/21)
● Production team and cast members may choose to have designated seating if they wish. (Update effective 5/25/21)

UNIVERSAL HEALTH PRECAUTIONS (Update effective 5/25/21)
● Cover mouth and nose with tissue when coughing or sneezing or use crook of elbow or sleeve.
● Hand sanitation/washing should be done frequently throughout the period you are in the building.
● Wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or rub on hand sanitizer for 20 seconds.
● Actors and crew must wash or sanitize hands before makeup or costume sessions.

For questions about this protocol or to report issues contact Bill Hurlbut, 301-814-5696
Last revised August 9, 2021