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2019 One-Act Festival

2019 One-Act Festival

Three weekends of original one-act plays that will make you laugh, cry, and think.

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WEEKEND 1 – August 15-18
Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 2pm

Sam Feals by Julia Harris
Directed by Cidney Forkpah
Sam is a teenage girl diving headfirst into a new school year. With the help of her senses of Passion, Wonder, Anxiety, and Peace—personified by other actors—she learns to navigate homework, crushes, and the challenges of growing up.

Sam – Kerala Bannister
Cam – Adelaide King
Passion – Tracye Brewer
Wonder – Ren Stoneowitz
Anxiety – Matt Bannister
Peace – Erin Monaghan
Melancholy – Meg Nemeth

Express by Diane Nichols
Directed by Juli Tarabek Blacker
Young Ed runs away from home to join the Pony Express, despite the pleas of her close friend Frannie. Ed’s plans are threatened when another rider realizes that Ed is a girl, but then a crisis comes along that only she can help resolve.

Hank – Michael J. Fisher
Ed – Rachel Sparks
Franny – Dina Howell
Noah – Ramtin Vaziri

The Birthday Gift by Elizabeth Douglas
Directed by Shannon Wilson
Stephanie meets her parents for dinner to celebrate her 21st birthday, completely unprepared for the surprise that they have planned: they’re starting a new life that doesn’t include room for Stephanie and her siblings.

Helen – Jessica Speck
Doug – Alain Norman
Stephanie – Olivia Speck

Last Night at the Arcade by Kay Ellen Bullard
Directed by Nicole Vaughn Rodriguez
A desperate kid hatches a plan to save a shuttered arcade, only to be dismissed by the elderly owner. After the owner’s son arrives, the three come to understand the challenges facing their generations and the difficult relationships between fathers and sons.

Old Man – Ted Culler
RJ – Matt Williams
Kid – Camden Salguero

The Closet by Steffi Ruben
Directed by Tessara Morgan
Sisters Caroline and Ruth stare at a closet full of shoes, the final step before they can begin a long-overdue night out. A disagreement about footwear opens the door to long-simmering sibling rivalry, as they struggle to understand and accept each other’s life choices.

Caroline – Naomi Ratz
Erin – Janiene Bohannon

WEEKEND 2 – August 22-25
Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 2pm

Best Friends Forever by Diana Lee Woody
Directed by Emily F. Gouillart
Genevieve and Molly use a Ouija board to reach out to their friend Amanda, who passed away in a random accident a year ago. But when they succeed in making contact with her spirit, they don’t expect Amanda to ask them to join her!

Genevieve – Morgan Booth
Molly – Jenny Oberholtzer
Amanda – Sunna Bee

Prisoner of Love by Keith Whalen
Directed by Shalom Omo-Osagie
Hal wakes up from a nap to find that his wife, Sophie, has handcuffed him to their couch.  With him unable to escape, Sophie forces Hal to answer a series of self-help questions designed to get to the heart of their dysfunctional marriage.

Hal – Adam Rosenthal
Sophie – Rebecca Shoer

The Rockefeller Special by Ryan Stevens
Directed by Jeff Mikoni
A history professor and an ensemble of players interrupt the evening to present an irreverent, no-holds-barred story about a dead rich white man. It’s the definitive recounting of the life of John D. Rockefeller, “an American F—ing A–hole.”

Historian – Melanie A. Lawrence
John D. Rockefeller – Andrew Quilpa
1st Player – Hamza Elnaggar
2nd Player – Whitney Richardson
3rd Player – Olivia Smith-Elnaggar

Miss Peddy & Grace by William Ivor Fowkes
Directed by Pauline Griller-Mitchell
Miss Peddy is a caretaker to the elderly with a history of manipulating her charges for her own financial gain. But is she prepared to handle Grace, a cunning old woman with a penchant for schemes of her own?

Caroline Peddy – Meghan Williams Elkins
Grace Butler – Harlene Leahy

The Mysterious Life, And Even More Mysterious Death, Of That Guy Who Lived Below Max And Beth by Mark Staufenberg
Directed by Brad Tehaan
As police comb over the apartment beneath them, Max and Beth try to figure out what happened to their now-deceased neighbor. After Beth sneaks in via the fire escape for a closer look, she and Max become the prime suspects in an absurd crime story.

Beth – McKenna Kelly
Max – Omar LaTiri
Cop – Rob Gorman

WEEKEND 3 – August 29-September 1
Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 2pm

Yalu River by Nan Gatewood Satter
Directed by Katie Gallagher
Zach and Lys are world travelers, trapped in an airport terminal as they wait for their flights. The two pass the time by flirting through stories of great adventures and failed relationships, forging a possible connection in the process.

Zack – Matt Roland
Lys – Amber Champ
Gate Agent – Nessa Amherst

Gone Fishin’ by Steve Langley
Directed by Gregory Ford
In the wake of Rodney Dixon’s untimely death, his father and his roommate, Clay, meet at a secluded fishing hole to talk. When Clay reveals that he and Rodney actually were a romantic couple, Mr. Dixon struggles to accept truths about the son he never really understood.

Mr. Dixon – Melvin D. Smith
Clay – Axandre Oge
Rodney – Sebastian Leighton

Help Wanted by Agyeiwaa Asante
Directed by Jenn Dorsey
After Deana’s chronic pain makes it impossible for her and her husband, Prince, to have sex, the two hire Sadira, a college professor who doubles as a sex worker, for help.  The together, the three navigate delicate issues of love, intimacy, and support.

Deana Rule-Aduyemi – Jackie Youm
Prince Rule-Aduyemi – Brock Brown
Sadira – Neelam Patel
Doctor – Kate Lenane

The Elimination Round by Carl L. Williams
Directed by Omar LaTiri
A wealthy man hires a contract killer to murder his wife so he can marry his new love, but it turns out that the hitman is open to better offers. The four of them end up in a battle of wits, bribes, and negotiations to determine who wins and who dies.

Fenwick – Jim Breen
Morgan – Amer El-Bayoumi
Geneva – Kate Lenane
Priscille – Kristen Geatz

Intimate Apparel

Intimate Apparel
by Lynn Nottage

Produced and directed by Seth Ghitelman

June 28 – July 20, 2019
Matinees: July 7 and 14 at 2pm

Winner of the 2004 New York Drama Critics Circle and the Outer Critics Circle Awards

New York City, 1905: Esther, a talented African-American seamstress, sews for rich white and poor black clients alike, and saves her earnings so she can someday open her own beauty parlor. She also longs for a loving husband and has a long-distance pen-pal romance with George, a black Barbadian laborer building canals in South America. But will George be all that Esther had hoped for when he shows up in person? “Intimate Apparel” explores the choices we make to move forward, despite the challenges life presents.

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Esther – Christine M. Champion
Mrs. Dickson – Letha Remington
Mrs. Van Buren – Hana Clarice
Mr. Marks – David Dieudonne
Mayme – Patrice Campbell
George – DeJeanette Horne

Production Team:
Assistant Director – Yvonne Paretzky
Stage Manager – Kristen Davis
Artistic Liasion – Gwydion Suilebhan
Set Designer – Joy Wyne
Lighting Designer – Katherine Offutt
Sound Designer – Jeff Miller
Properties Designer – Anne Cary
Costume Designer – Stacy Thomann
Assistant Costume Designer and Wardrobe Mistress – Kelsey Murray
Hair and Makeup – Sue Pinkman
Intimacy Choreographer – Emily Sucher
Assistant Stage Managers – Mary Ghitelman and Sophia Menconi
Board Operator – Nadia Abouraya

The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest
By Oscar Wilde

Directed by Bill Hurlbut

May 17 – June 8, 2019
Matinees: May 26 and June 2 at 2pm

One of the cleverest comedies by one of the greatest writers in the English language, The Importance of Being Earnest has delighted audiences since its premiere in 1885. Wilde’s scintillating, hilarious work introduces us to Jack and Algernon, charming bachelors who are each living a double life, aided by a fictional alter ego called “Ernest.” But the two fall truly in love with a pair of proper young women, Gwendolen and Cecily – both of whom are partial to men named Ernest. Will Jack and Algy be able to bring an end to the charade and convince the formidable Lady Bracknell that they are suitable candidates for marriage? Wicked wit and dead-on social satire are wrapped in a confection of dual identities, matrimonial matters, and the provenance of a particular handbag.

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Producer – Lennie Magida

Algernon Moncrieff – Nicholas Temple
John Worthing, J.P. – Noah Rich
Lady Bracknell – Susan Holliday
Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax – Emma Wesslund
Cecily Cardew – Camille Pozderac
Miss Laetitia Prism – Karen Fleming
Rev. Canon Chasuble, D.D. – Stephen P. Johnson
Lane and Merriman – Tom Schiller

Production Team:
Stage Manager – Denise Gilmore
Set Design – Maggie Modig
Set Construction – Steve Leshin
Lighting Design – Don Slater
Hair/Makeup – Maureen Roult
Sound Design – Jeff Miller
Properties Design and Set Decoration – Malca Giblin
Dialect Coach – Gary Sullivan
Artistic Liaison – Clare Palace


by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Directed by Jeff Mikoni

April 5 – 28, 2019
Matinees: April 7, 14 and 28 at 2pm
(Please note that there will no performances the weekend of April 19-21)

Winner of the 2014–2015 Obie Award for Best New American Play

Every estranged member of the Lafayette clan has descended upon the crumbling Arkansas homestead to settle the accounts of the newly dead patriarch. As his three adult children sort through a lifetime of hoarded mementos and junk, they collide over clutter, debt, and a contentious family history. But after a disturbing discovery surfaces among their father’s possessions, the reunion takes a turn for the explosive, unleashing a series of crackling surprises and confrontations.

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Producer – Diego Maramba

Antoinette “Toni” Lafayette – Maura Claire Harford
Beauregarde “Bo” Lafayette – Sam Lunay
Francois “Franz/Frank” Lafayette – David Dieudonne
Rachael Kramer-Lafayette – Kate Shea
River Rayner – Rebecca Cohen
Rhys Thurston – Conor Donahue
Cassidy “Cassie” Kramer-Lafayette – Kerala Bannister
Ainsley Kramer-Lafayette – Michael Greenleaf

Production Team:
Assistant Director – Bryce Monroe
Stage Manager – Kristen Geatz
Artistic Liaison – Michael Kharfen
Set Designer – Andy Greenleaf
Master Carpenter – Andy Greenleaf
Lighting Designer – Vanessa Lam
Sound Designer –  Jeff Goldgeier
Properties Designer – Alika Codispoti
Costumer Designer – Kristyn Lue
Hair/Makeup Designer – Lauren Agresti
Fight & Intimacy Director – Jonathan Rubin

In the Next Room, or the vibrator play

In the Next Room, or the vibrator play
by Sarah Ruhl

Directed by Jen Katz

February 22 – March 16
Matinees: March 3 and 10 at 2pm

“The company’s production does full credit to this intellectually rich, profoundly entertaining show.” – Maryland Theatre Guide
“Don’t miss out on this thrilling stage engagement!” – TheatreBloom

A comedy about marriage, intimacy, and electricity, In the Next Room is set in the 1880s at the dawn of the electrical age. In a seemingly perfect, well-to-do Victorian home, proper gentleman and scientist Dr. Givings has innocently invented an extraordinary new device for treating “hysteria” in women (and occasionally men): the vibrator. Adjacent to the doctor’s laboratory, his young and energetic wife tries to tend to their newborn daughter—and wonders exactly what is going on in the next room. When a new “hysterical” patient and her husband bring a wet nurse and their own complicated relationship into the doctor’s home, Dr. and Mrs. Givings must examine the nature of their own marriage, and what it truly means to love someone.

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Producer – Pam Burks

Dr. Givings – Matt Bannister
Catherine Givings – Emily Gilson
Sabrina Daldry – Juliet Lloyd
Dick Daldry – Jim Adams
Annie – Erica Smith
Elizabeth – Jacqueline Youm
Leo Irving – Joshuah Laird

Production Team:
Artistic Liaison – Erin Bone Steele
Stage Manager – Kristyn Lue
Assistant Stage Manager/Props – Jennifer Dorsey
Set Designer – Jeff Asjes
Master Carpenter – Nicholas Temple
Lighting Designer – Steve Deming
Sound Designer – Rich Frangiamore
Costume Designer – Mary Wakefield
Intimacy Coach – Christine Hurst
Dramaturg – Meg Williams


by Bill Cain

Directed by Madeleine Smith

January 11 – February 2, 2019
Matinees: January 20* and 27 at 2pm

*Please note there will be an interactive talkback with the cast and crew immediately following the Sunday January 20th matinee!

“The whole cast gives some of the finest performances you may see in community theatre.” – Maryland Theatre Guide
Equivocation has many pleasures, from the witty script, to the appealing performances, to some unusual directorial touches by Director Madeleine Smith.” – DC Metro Theater Arts

England, 1605: A tight ensemble of star actors from the King’s Men company, including William Shakespeare, are commissioned to produce an impossible-to-write show about the foiled Gunpowder Plot, where conspirators attempted to blow up the King and Parliament. But as the acting company of the Globe investigate the plot, they discover that the King’s version of the story might, in fact, be a cover-up. Shakespeare and his actors are confronted with the ultimate moral and artistic dilemma. Speak truth to power—and perhaps lose their heads? Or take the money and lie? Is there a third option—equivocation?

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NOTE: This show contains loud noises and graphic violence. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us via Facebook or by email at equivocation@ssstage.org.

Producer – Brendan Murray

Shag – Keith Cassidy
Richard – Tom Howley
Sharpe – Nicholas Temple
Nate – Gary Sullivan
Armin – David Dubov
Judith – Lena Winter

Season of Light: A Winter Fairytale

Season of Light: A Winter Fairytale
by Steph DeFerie

Directed by Katie Rey Bogdan

December 7 – 16, 2018
Matinees: December 8, 9, 15 and 16 at 2pm

“Go and see this show; it is a story of redemption and sacrifice for the greater good that young audiences, in particular, will love.” – DC Metro Theater Arts
“Charming, endearing, and brimming with messages of hope.” – Theatre Bloom
“Perfect for children of all ages, even those who are just young at heart.” – Maryland Theatre Guide

Magda is chosen to play the Sister of the Sun for her village’s Winter Solstice ceremony. But when the days keep growing shorter, Magda is blamed and exiled. In the forest, a group of players join her quest to bring back the light by going to the source: the real Sister of the Sun. What is Magda willing to sacrifice to save the world from darkness?

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Producer – Maura Suilebhan

Magda – Claire Gunthert
Mother – Jacqueline Youm
Ronaldo / Stephen – Zachary Singer
Theresa / Deer – Dina Howell
Kristina / Flock of Birds – Maeve Thibault
Peterkin / Wolf – Asher Howell
Shettle – Courtney James
Lord Markus / Angry Peasant Man – James Sherman
Beggar Woman – Anna Yancich
Frederick / Peasant – Camden Salguero
Rodrigo – Carlos Reaves
Toot – Cassie Brode
Apple – Olivia Waymer
Gwendolyne – Rebecca Shoer
She of the Moon – Brynn Krasney
An Angry Peasant Woman / Musician – Alison Starr
A Mild Peasant – Crystal Wheeler

The Crucible

The Crucible
by Arthur Miller

Directed by Craig Allen Mummey

October 26 – November 17, 2018
Matinees: November 4 and 11 at 2pm

In the Puritan world of Massachusetts in 1692, Abigail Williams and her cohort of girlfriends cover a multitude of their own sins by playing with, then being accused of, witchcraft. The action is largely driven by Abigail’s previous affair with the married John Proctor, and John and his wife’s subsequent efforts to retain their good reputation. Like a disease, the accusations of witchcraft and the web of lies spread to include other members of the community and bring down dozens of the best-regarded citizens of Salem as the town is rendered dysfunctional through mass arrests, property grabs, religious-political power-plays, hangings, and fear.

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Producers – Amy Sullivan and Karen Fleming

John Proctor – Joseph Coracle
Elizabeth Proctor – Andrea Spitz
Rev. John Hale – Omar LaTiri
Abigail Williams – Rebecca Cohen
Deputy Governor Danforth – Bill Hurlbut
Rev. Samuel Parris – Tristan Poje
Mary Warren – Sophia Stringer
Judge Hathorne – Alain Norman
Giles Corey – Stuart Rick
Francis Nurse – Carlton Maryott
Rebecca Nurse – Lennie Magida
Thomas Putnam – Joe Mariano
Ann Putnam/Sarah Good – Erin Gallalee
Mercy Lewis – Anna Uehlein
Susanna Walcott – Margo Weill
Betty Parris – Erika Demske
Tituba – Melanie Lawrence
Ezekiel Cheever – Conor Scanlan
John Willard – Kyle Tirak

Emilie: La Marquise du Châtelet Defends Her Life Tonight

Emilie: La Marquise du Châtelet Defends Her Life Tonight
by Lauren Gunderson

Directed by Erin Bone Steele

September 14 – October 6, 2018
Matinees: September 23 and 30 at 2pm

“A spark is how The Stage opens their 2018/2019 season.” – Theatre Bloom
“Well worth seeing.” – DC Metro Theater Arts
“It touches the heart and opens the mind.”  – Maryland Theatre Guide

Emilie du Châtelet is witty, unconventional, rich, and a scientific genius who advances mathematics and physics in Baroque France. She and her sometime lover Voltaire play out in their passionate romantic battles by, among other things, publishing dueling scientific papers and taking other lovers. Tonight, Emilie is back and determined to answer the question she died with: love or philosophy, head or heart?

In this highly theatrical, fast, funny, sexy rediscovery of one of history’s most intriguing women, Emilie defends her life and loves; she ends up with both a formula and a legacy that permeates history. By the playwright of last year’s hit Silent Sky, Emilie: La Marquise du Châtelet Defends Her Life Tonight affords Emilie a chance to re-tell her own story.

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Producer – Bill Hurlbut

Emilie – Karen V. Lawrence
Voltaire – Kevin Dykstra
Ingenue – Sienna Goering
Soubrette – Kristyn Lue
Monsieur – Peter Orvetti
Gentleman – Nicholas Temple
Madam – Renate Wallenberg

Production Team:
Assistant Director – Jim Robertson
Stage Manager – Alika Codispoti
Lighting Designer – Don Slater
Sound Designer – Jeff Mikoni
Costumer – Jennifer Georgia
Set Designer – Jeff Asjes

2018 One-Act Festival

2018 One-Act Festival

Two weekends of original one-act plays that will make you laugh, cry, and think.

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WEEKEND 1 – August 17-19
Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 2pm

A Witch’s Brew by Michael Wolfson
Directed by Michael Abendshein

A witch on the Scottish heath is interrupted in her work by an unexpected visitor. A visitor who is alternately curious, irritating, helpful and distracting as the witch goes about trying to fulfill her role in the rise and fall of a certain Scottish noble. A role that seems to be constantly on the verge of spinning out of control thanks to her ever troublesome visitor.

Witch – Lynn Sokoloski
Goth Girl – Larissa Dowling
Macbeth – Steven Milner

Bro by Robb Willoughby
Directed by David Dieudonne
Which is the stronger bond…brother or mother? An intelligent, dark comedy that examines simple yet universal themes.

Mitchell – Nick Temple
Morgan – Brian Estey
Mother – Laurie Freed

In Her Golden Years by Steven Korbar
Directed by Ruben Vellekoop
While helping to clean out the family home, a daugher discovers what may be an Olympic metal, which her mother improbably insists she won in the 1968 Games but never mentioned.

Darlene – Elissa Borzilleri
Amy – Ellie Borzilleri

The Colonial Diner by Jack Karp
Directed by Kristyn Lue
Trapped in a cliche American diner in a cliché American town, three cliché characters watch as Barack Obama wins the presidency. Egged on by the diner’s lonely Old Man and mocked by its Hispanic-looking Cook, the naive Waitress allows this victory to raise her hopes that her life will finally improve. But when the money she thought she had saved disappears — yet again — she is forced to face that she and the others are stuck in their hackneyed and threadbare world, no matter what clichés the politicians promise.

Old Man – Mario Font
Cook – Omar LaTiri
Waitress – Davia Craumer
Football Player – Rew Garner
Cheerleader – Larissa Dowling

 I Don’t Know by James McLindon
Directed by Rob Gorman
An old-school drill sergeant takes his new recruits for a cadence-singing run…straight into a brave new world of political correctness.

Sargent – Bill Wilburn
Soldier 1 (Male) – Ben Miller
Soldier 2 (Female) – Lydia Kraniotis
Soldier 3 (Female) – Brynn Krasney
Soldier 4 (Male) – Michael King

WEEKEND 2 – August 24-26
Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 2pm

Meet The Pets by Tracey Jane Smith
Directed by Nell Quinn-Gibney
Nothing goes to plan when a player brings home a people-please to meet “them”: Daisy and Mr. Cuddles. The pets observe a human date in this anthropomorphic comedy.

Alex – Liora Goemann
Will – Andrew Grabowski
Mr. Cuddles – Faith Ore
Daisy – Kira Burri

Teddy Tells All by Rollin Jewett
Directed by Peter Rouleau
Andy, a young man, is a prisoner of sorts—a patient in the Whispering Oaks Sanitarium, a private mental health institution.  In the crook of his arm is a small brown teddy bear he calls Teddy.  Teddy seems to see things that others miss. If Teddy is only Andy’s alter ego, why does he seem to know everybody’s secrets?

Andy – Logan Matthew Baker
Nurse Todd – Jean Aviles
Dr. Baxter – Ted Culler
Orderly – Peter Rouleau

Birthday Girl by Marilyn Millstone
Directed by Chelsea Radigan

Cinderella is also Julie, 38, Josh’s girlfriend of five years; she moved into Josh’s house a year ago.  Attractive, single, and anxious to be married and start a family.  Is Josh her Prince Charming? Will her adult daughter, who hasn’t worked in three years, be a barrier?  Will Julie’s fairy godmother come to the rescue? A delightful and thoughtful comedy.

Prince Charming/Josh – Ron Ward
Cinderella/Julie – Shelby Sours
Renaissance Girl/Cathy – Melanie A. Lawrence
Julie’s Mother/Fairy Godmother – Joy Gers
Adorable LIttle Girl/Marissa – Alison Starr

Members Only by D.L. Siegel
Directed by Jennifer Dorsey
On the verge of a breakthrough, Cove is welcomed into an ancient circle she never knew existed. But the bonds of sisterhood are only as strong as we make them, and every club has its rules.

Cove – Jenny Oberholtzer
Cassandra – Jen Katz
Eve – Ren Stoneowitz
Io – Nessa Amherst
Louis – Nick Temple

Promise by Jacy D’Aiutolo
Directed by Karen Fleming
Two young women, a somewhat insecure violinist and a more brassy dancer, form an unlikely friendship and help each other build confidence just before a life-changing audition to a prestigious conservatory.

Emily – Danae Rupp
Ashley – Rebecca Shoer