Anton In Show Business

By Jane Martin
Directed By Erin Bone Steele

February 24, 2017 – March 18, 2017
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 2pm: March 5 and March 12

This madcap comedy follows three actresses across the footlights, down the rabbit hole, and into a strangely familiar Wonderland that looks a lot like American theatre. As these women pursue their dream of performing Chekhov in Texas, they’re whisked through a maelstrom of “good ideas” that offer unique solutions to the Three Sisters’ need to have life’s deeper purpose revealed. In the tradition of great backstage comedies, Anton conveys the joys, pains and absurdities of “putting on a play” at the turn of the century.

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This unabashed comedy follows three actresses (a young woman from Texas, a veteran Off-Off-Off Broadway actress, and a Hollywood TV star) – along with producers, donors, directors, crew, and critics – as they attempt to put on Chekhov’s play The Three Sisters at a small theater in Texas. Instead, they reveal much more about themselves, and about the pull between “the business” and the desire to create something meaningful. As it journeys through the strange wonderland of American theater, Anton in Show Business carries on the tradition of great backstage comedies.

Director: Erin Bone Steele
Producers: Jim Robertson and Alika Codispoti


Lisabette: Shannon McCarthy
Casey: Bri Goode
Holly: Stephanie Dorius
T-Anne/Don: Erica Smith
Ralph/Wickewitch/JoeBob: Lenora Spahn
Kate/Ben: Leigh Rawls
Andwyneth/Jackey/Airline Agent: Stephanie Pounds
Joby: Rita Sengupta