2018 One-Act Festival

Two weekends of original one-act plays that will make you laugh, cry, and think.

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WEEKEND 1 – August 17-19
Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 2pm

A Witch’s Brew by Michael Wolfson
Directed by Michael Abendshein

A witch on the Scottish heath is interrupted in her work by an unexpected visitor. A visitor who is alternately curious, irritating, helpful and distracting as the witch goes about trying to fulfill her role in the rise and fall of a certain Scottish noble. A role that seems to be constantly on the verge of spinning out of control thanks to her ever troublesome visitor.

Witch – Lynn Sokoloski
Goth Girl – Larissa Dowling
Macbeth – Steven Milner

Bro by Robb Willoughby
Directed by David Dieudonne
Which is the stronger bond…brother or mother? An intelligent, dark comedy that examines simple yet universal themes.

Mitchell – Nick Temple
Morgan – Brian Estey
Mother – Laurie Freed

In Her Golden Years by Steven Korbar
Directed by Ruben Vellekoop
While helping to clean out the family home, a daugher discovers what may be an Olympic metal, which her mother improbably insists she won in the 1968 Games but never mentioned.

Darlene – Elissa Borzilleri
Amy – Ellie Borzilleri

The Colonial Diner by Jack Karp
Directed by Kristyn Lue
Trapped in a cliche American diner in a cliché American town, three cliché characters watch as Barack Obama wins the presidency. Egged on by the diner’s lonely Old Man and mocked by its Hispanic-looking Cook, the naive Waitress allows this victory to raise her hopes that her life will finally improve. But when the money she thought she had saved disappears — yet again — she is forced to face that she and the others are stuck in their hackneyed and threadbare world, no matter what clichés the politicians promise.

Old Man – Mario Font
Cook – Omar LaTiri
Waitress – Davia Craumer
Football Player – Rew Garner
Cheerleader – Larissa Dowling

 I Don’t Know by James McLindon
Directed by Rob Gorman
An old-school drill sergeant takes his new recruits for a cadence-singing run…straight into a brave new world of political correctness.

Sargent – Bill Wilburn
Soldier 1 (Male) – Ben Miller
Soldier 2 (Female) – Lydia Kraniotis
Soldier 3 (Female) – Brynn Krasney
Soldier 4 (Male) – Michael King

WEEKEND 2 – August 24-26
Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 2pm

Meet The Pets by Tracey Jane Smith
Directed by Nell Quinn-Gibney
Nothing goes to plan when a player brings home a people-please to meet “them”: Daisy and Mr. Cuddles. The pets observe a human date in this anthropomorphic comedy.

Alex – Liora Goemann
Will – Andrew Grabowski
Mr. Cuddles – Faith Ore
Daisy – Kira Burri

Teddy Tells All by Rollin Jewett
Directed by Peter Rouleau
Andy, a young man, is a prisoner of sorts—a patient in the Whispering Oaks Sanitarium, a private mental health institution.  In the crook of his arm is a small brown teddy bear he calls Teddy.  Teddy seems to see things that others miss. If Teddy is only Andy’s alter ego, why does he seem to know everybody’s secrets?

Andy – Logan Matthew Baker
Nurse Todd – Jean Aviles
Dr. Baxter – Ted Culler
Orderly – Peter Rouleau

Birthday Girl by Marilyn Millstone
Directed by Chelsea Radigan

Cinderella is also Julie, 38, Josh’s girlfriend of five years; she moved into Josh’s house a year ago.  Attractive, single, and anxious to be married and start a family.  Is Josh her Prince Charming? Will her adult daughter, who hasn’t worked in three years, be a barrier?  Will Julie’s fairy godmother come to the rescue? A delightful and thoughtful comedy.

Prince Charming/Josh – Ron Ward
Cinderella/Julie – Shelby Sours
Renaissance Girl/Cathy – Melanie A. Lawrence
Julie’s Mother/Fairy Godmother – Joy Gers
Adorable LIttle Girl/Marissa – Alison Starr

Members Only by D.L. Siegel
Directed by Jennifer Dorsey
On the verge of a breakthrough, Cove is welcomed into an ancient circle she never knew existed. But the bonds of sisterhood are only as strong as we make them, and every club has its rules.

Cove – Jenny Oberholtzer
Cassandra – Jen Katz
Eve – Ren Stoneowitz
Io – Nessa Amherst
Louis – Nick Temple

Promise by Jacy D’Aiutolo
Directed by Karen Fleming
Two young women, a somewhat insecure violinist and a more brassy dancer, form an unlikely friendship and help each other build confidence just before a life-changing audition to a prestigious conservatory.

Emily – Danae Rupp
Ashley – Rebecca Shoer