2017 One-Act Festival

Silver Spring Stage presents three weekends of mostly original one-act plays, many by local playwrights, including some Stage favorites we are reviving for our 50th season. Each weekend features different plays that are short enough to showcase humor and passion.

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Weekend #1 – August 11-13, 2017

By Audrey Cefaly
Directed by Craig Mummey

Lina, a waitress, is having the ‘worst day of her life’. She and Roberto, a quiet, unassuming dishwasher sit alone in the diner at midnight and share stories about their lonely lives.

Rob Gorman as Roberto
Maura Suilebhan as Lina

Six Seven Three Twenty
by Jacy D’Aiutolo
Directed by Jacy D’Aiutolo

In the world of professional football, a power struggle is emerging behind the scenes between a team’s long-time general manager and the new coach. An examination of loyalty, ambition, and power, set against the backdrop of America’s favorite sport.

Chris Tully as Gary Newman
David Dieudonne as Doug Reynolds
Adam Adkins as Mike O’Sullivan
Andy Greenleaf as Sean McCarthy

Perfectly Good Airplanes
By Steve LaRocque
Directed by Craig Miller

A father meets with his estranged daughter for an awkward conversation.

Ted Schneider as Father
Maura Suilebhan as Daughter

Alternate Theory
By Brian Doyle
Directed by David Dieudonne

There are many theories about Nov. 23, 1963. Was it the CIA, the Mafia, the Soviets or Nixon. JFK and Jackie, in this play, present an alternate explanation.

Brendan Murray as JFK
Matt Baughman as Chase
Adam Adkins as Driver
Devon Seybert as Jackie

Weekend #2 – August 18-20, 2017

Queen of the Air: The Last Transmissions of Amelia Earhart
By Mark Scharf
Directed by Renana Fox

On a island in the Pacific Ocean, Amelia Earhart and her navigator struggle to survive after their plane crashed. Amelia has imaginary conversations with her husband. A teenage radio enthusiast in Florida picks up Amelia’s pleas for help.

Erica Smith as Amelia Earhart
Jack Wassell as Fred Noonan
Mickey MacIntyre as George Putnam
Sadia Alao as Girl

Compos Mentis
By Marilyn Millstone
Directed by Jim Robertson

An elderly couple confront their child’s desire for them to move into assisted living. Hilarity ensues.

Felicity Brown as Patricia Ambrose
Susan Paisner as Alese Langford
Nick Sampson as Robert Langford

The Rothko
By Nicholas Thurkettle
Directed by Gregory Ford

A man vandalizes a painting, but the museum staff is dismayed when the discussion become more about what is .art

Mike Levin as Security Guard
Bryce Monroe as The Man
Darnell Morriss as The Man (u)
Caity Brown as Director
Jae Lee as Curator

Sweet Dreams
By Tony Pasqualini
Directed by Jeff Mikoni

Can a handsome robot actor replace a troublesome leading man? Or vice versa?

David Dieudonne as Director
Marnie Kanarek as Lead Actress
Diego Maramba as Lead Actor

Death by Poinsettia
By Dwayne Yancey
Directed by Helen Arberger

A lonely woman tries to kill herself at Christmas by eating a poinsettia, convinced the plant is poisonous. It’s not, though.

Emily Gilson as Caroline
Daniel Riker as Dwayne

Weekend #2 – August 25-27, 2017

By Rachel Teagle
Directed by Stuart Fischer

Lydia is a frustrated writer who is going through muses like they are used tissues. Will this headstrong muse of last resort get her to produce?

Sarah Nechamen as Lydia
Diana Hutter as Muse
Leilani Parks as A
Alex Hyder as B

One Click Away
By Dean Fiala
Directed by Elizabeth Zitelli

Fed up with the dating process, Jenna shows her a unique solution with the help of the internet where returns are easy.

Carolyn Heier as Jenna
Paroma Sanyal as Veronica
Matt Gallant as Nick
Scott D’Vileskis as Husband #2
Jim Pasquale as Husband #3

By Dagney Kerr
Directed by Aly Cardinalli

Two regulars at the dog park–a young Maltese and an aging German Shepherd—discover the true meaning of friendship.

MerryRose Howley as Maggie
Matthew McCarthy as Sammie

A Womb with A View
By Rich Orloff
Directed by Leigh Rawls

A behind the scenes look at how the birth process really works. Who knew it was so complicated?

Ariana Caldwell as The New Kid
Sunday Sabbath as The Supervisor
Apryl Motley as Assistant A
Lanita Wright as Assistant B
Nicholas Miles as The Technician

Death and The Beatles Fan
By Stephen Kennedy
Directed by Bruce Hirsch

Tony tries to outwit Death in the ultimate Beatles trivia match.

Melanie Kurstin as Tony Black
Mickey MacIntyre as Death

Producers: Seth Ghitelman and David Gross
Light Designer: Bill Strein
Sound Designers: Rich Frangiamore (week 1), Jeff Miller (weeks 2 & 3)
Stage Managers : Pam Burks (week 1), Jen Katz (week 2), Rebecca Talisman (week 3)
Assistant Directors: Lenora Spahn (Perfectly Good Airplanes), Bryce Monroe (The Rothko), Alicia Rene Kenefic (Stay)
Artistic Liaisons: Amy Sullivan (week 1), Jeff Mikoni (week 2), Bill Hurlbut (week 3)