2016 One Act Festival

Silver Spring Stage is delighted to host Montgomery Playhouse for the 2016 One Act Festival.

The Festival takes place August 18-21 (Montgomery Playhouse) and August 25-28 (Silver Spring Stage) with a different program each weekend of published and non-published plays.

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Weekend 1 August 18-21 (Montgomery Playhouse)

Marriage Suite (drama)
by Daria Kerschenbaum

Directed by David Dossey
Kenneth – Cole Greenberg
Brynne – Z. Jones

Virtual Reality (absurdist)
by Alan Arkin

Directed by Bruce Hirsch
DeRecha – John Van Eck
Lefty – Stephanie Pounds

10,000 Cigarettes (comedy)
by Alex Broun

Directed by Jen Katz
Gloria 1 – Corrie Bolcik
Gloria 2 – McKenna G. Kelly
Gloria 3 – Melanie Lawrence
Gloria 4 – Courtney James

Weekend 2 August 25-28 (Silver Spring Stage)

Like the Last (comedy)
by D.L. Siegel

Directed by Bob Scott
Marcus – Matthew Datcher
Gray – Sean Gabbert
Bel – Juliana Ejedoghaobi
Kokoro – Momo Nakamura

TGIF (comedy)
by Michael Wolfson

Directed by Pauline Griller-Mitchell
Male – Ted Culler
Female – Jenn Robinson

The Pirate and the Caterpillar (comedy)
by Jacy D’Aiutolo

Directed by Vanessa Bisbee
Marian – Julia Morrissey
Olivia – Maggie Dalzell

Jan Kultura (comedy)
by Ian Thal

Directed by Sue Bevine
Unique – Steven Greenhill
King – Alex Hyder
Jackie – Leigh Rawls